Core Libraries

KGy SOFT Core Libraries offer high-performance and handy general libraries.
Many of them aim to replace existing APIs of the original .NET Framework with more efficient versions.

Among others:

JSON Libraries

KGy SOFT JSON Libraries offer simple and fast building and parsing JSON content.

Main highlights:

  • Fast parsing from string, Stream or any TextReader
  • Easy DOM navigation with compact and intuitive syntax
  • Just call ToString to get the JSON content (compact or indented)
  • Simple and fast serialization into StringBuilder, Stream or any TextWriter
  • A lot of extensions for converting JsonValue to and from .NET types including enums, BigInteger, DateTime or TimeSpan

Drawing Libraries

KGy SOFT Drawing Libraries offer advanced drawing features both for completely managed bitmap data as well as native bitmap data access of various platform-specific bitmaps on multiple platforms. The libraries consist of multiple packages: a core library contains the platform-independent functionality, and there are several platform-specific packages for higher-level support for numerous environments including GDI+, WPF, UWP and WinUI. The core functionality can be easily adapted for any other environments.

Some highlighted features:


KGy SOFT Libraries are under the KGy SOFT License 1.0, which is a permissive GPL-like license. It allows you to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially. The only thing is not allowed is to distribute a modified material as yours: though you are free to change and re-use anything, do that by giving appropriate credit. See the LICENSE file for details.